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Best Features

PLAAK Freelance app has some amazing features that sets the app apart from rest
Secure Payment Gateway
PLAAK has partnered with PayPal for its payment gateway
App enables you to leave reviews for the person you choose
Real Time Mapping
See which service providers are in your local area in real time
Support Chat
Engage with PLAAK during business hours in real time, after hours by email

How PLAAK Helps Freelancers

Despite the growth however, freelancing is marked by a
number of issues such as those mentioned below

Trust and Reputation

PLAAK’s trust and reputation system will be universal, transparent and self-executing by users within the ecosystem, working seamlessly with its’ payment solution. Trust ratings will be assigned to specific wallet addresses, with changes in the trust level occurring in accordance to the behaviour of the freelancer and client.

The trust rating for both the client and freelancer ensures minimising the likelihood of fraudulent users, as well as rewarding users with higher trust with the better prospect of future work.

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With PLAAK, payment transactions go from customer to freelancer directly, dismissing intermediaries and saving the freelancer both time and money. The key to the success of this faster payment process, is the smart contract based wallet of the service provider acting as the equivalent of a bank account, storing the funds and enforcing security. The funds are only managed by the client and freelancer.

High Commission

Instead of 15 different types of fees, PLAAK has only one transactional fee. Payments made in fiat currency attracts a 5% administration fee whilst a payment by crypto currency attracts a 1% fee. There are also no chargeback fees. Once the service provider agrees to send the money back they send it back with only the one transactional fee.

Reaching the Market

PLAAK incorporates the Ethereum platform, facilitating a cheap and fast blockchain system. By enabling cryptocurrency payment through PLAAK, the digital asset economy is opened up to the freelancer in a simple and easy fashion.

How It Works

PLAAK Freelance brings a simple and easy to use user
experience for all your freelance needs

App is live! Give it a try.

PLAAK Freelance app will provide you some crazy features.
The app is released for iOS and Android.

We know you have a lot of questions in mind so we have prepared a FAQ section to answer all your questions
Using smart contracts enables the people to choose their terms, when they work, how much to charge and which crypto or fiat currencies they wish to be paid in for their service.

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