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PLAAK combines the best of blockchain technology with freelance work on one app
Smart Contract
Helps you complete the consignment in a conflict free manner, all while avoiding the necessity of a middle-man.
reviews and Identity
Enables you to read or post reviews about the employer/freelancer, ensuring confidence between both parties. Utilising blockchain, we are able to secure these reviews from anyone with nefarious intentions.
Pay/earn using the wide variety of tokens/coins, or get benefits from using PLAAK’s very own PLK
Highly Secure
PLAAK uses advanced encryption techniques to securely store the data in the blockchain. Now users can use biometrics to login to the the application.

How PLAAK Helps Freelancers

Despite its growth in recent years, the freelance market has recently faced a number of concerns

Building trust is difficult

PLAAK’s trust and reputation system will be universal, transparent and self-executed by users within the eco-system. After every transaction, the blockchain will record all relevant data, including time, both receiving/sending addresses, and warranty conditions among others.

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With PLAAK, payment transactions go from customer to freelancer directly, dismissing intermediaries, saving everyone time and money. The key to the success of this faster payment process is the smart contract based wallet of the service provider acting as the equivalent of a bank account. This stores funds and enforces security. Funds are only managed by the client and freelancer.

High Commission

Instead of incorporating 15 types of different fees, PLAAK has only one – the transactional fee. Payment made in AUD attracts a 5% administration fee. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, only require 1%. Once the service provider agrees to send money back, they do so using only this transactional fee.

Reaching the Market

PLAAK incorporates the Ethereum platform, facilitating a cheap and fast blockchain system. By enabling cryptocurrency payment through PLAAK, the digital asset economy is opened up to the freelancer in a simple and easy fashion.

How It Works

PLAAK Freelance brings a simple and easy-to-use experience for all of you freelance needs

The App will be live in Q4 2018!
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When freelancers are able to earn a higher percentage of a gross transaction, the opportunity for real-world application grows proportionately. Coupled with blockchain’s ability to automate contracts and keep a continuous record of every step in the process, the full potential of a freelancing platform becomes unlocked.

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We know you have a lot of questions in mind so we have prepared a FAQ section to answer all your questions
Using smart contracts enables the people to choose their terms, when they work, how much to charge and which crypto or fiat currencies they wish to be paid in for their service.

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