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Best Features

PLAAK Freelance app has some amazing features that sets the app apart from the rest
Secure Payment Gateway
PLAAK has partnered with PayPal for its payment gateway
Reviews? Of course.
App enables you to leave reviews for the person you choose
Real Time Mapping
See which service providers are in your local area in real time
Support Chat
Engage with PLAAK during business hours in real time, and after hours by email

Problems Faced By Freelancers

Despite the growth however, freelancing is marked by a
number of issues such as those mentioned below

Building trust is difficult. We know!

PLAAK’s trust and reputation system will be universal, transparent and self- executing by users within the ecosystem, working seamlessly with its’ payment solution.

Every time a transaction is made, the blockchain will save the time of the transaction, the receiving and sending addresses, delivery time, warranty conditions and all other information.

Whitepaper You wont get bored
Content will be coming soon
Content will be coming soon
Content will be coming soon

App is live! Give it a try.

PLAAK Freelance app will provide you some crazy features.
The app is released for iOS and Android.


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Accepted Currencies    
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Until the end of the Pre-ICO :
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We know you have a lot of questions in mind so we have prepared a FAQ section to answer all your questions
Using smart contracts enables the people to choose their terms, when they work, how much to charge and which crypto or fiat currencies they wish to be paid in for their service.

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